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To provide quality and innovation in environmental services, construction, and agricultural development for communities and municipalities in order to adapt to and enhance the changing environment.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, RENDA Environmental Inc. (REI) is an organization of drivers, operators, engineers, scientists and administrative personnel who have committed to contributing their skills to enhance the environment.

To provide this, REI offers two major services committed to environmental assistance. Our Biosolids Management team manages the removal, conversion and transport of a material called "biosolids". Biosolids are the organic residual of treated and processed wastewater and dredge from lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. Once the treatment process is complete, we load and transport this nutrient-rich organic material to farmers and ranchers for distribution as a fertilizer and soil conditioner. Our Bioenergy team manages and distributes electric power generated from methane gas produced through digester and landfill operations.

Over the past decade, REI has been innovative in terms of technologies and services. This is a testament to our employees' commitment to a clean and safe environment.

If you would like to learn more about our company, please feel free to Contact Us.


If you would like to download a job application as a driver, click here. If you would like to download a job application as a non-driver, click here.

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